11.31 Light Dependent Relay 16A

Function and Features

Type 11.31 Light Dependent Relays, “twilight switches” for switching on lamps according to the level of ambient light, supplied with separate photosensitive element. Equipped with 1 NO 16 A contact, sensitivity adjustment from 1 to 100 lux, one module, 17.5 mm wide. Low consumption in stand-by. Version for 24 V DC/AC supply, and version for 110…230 supply.

  • First 3 operating cycles of the relay without delay at switching on and off, in order to facilitate the adjustment process by the installer
  • LED indicators
  • SELV separation between power supply circuit and contacts
  • Double insulation between power supply and photosensor
  • 35 mm rail (EN 60715) mounting
  • Cadmium-free contacts
  • Cadmium-free photosensor element (IC photo diode)


  • Garden and night lighting
  • Shop displays
  • Lighting for parks
  • Streetlights and car park lighting

Technical Data

Contact Specification
Contact Configuration 1 NO (SPST-NO)
Rated Current/ Maximum Peak Current (A) 16/30 (120 A – 5 ms)



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