11.91 Light Dependent Relay

Function and Features

Type 11.91 Light Dependent Relay “twilight switch” for the automatic control of lighting according to the ambient light level – using a separate photosensor.
Auxiliary output, for use with 19.91 Power Module, provides an output directly related to the light level (i.e. without intervention of any time delays).

Features include:

  • “Daily” time switch function – programmable to inhibit main output (for energy saving)
  • Auxiliary output – directly driven by the photosensor
  • Italian patent “Light feedback compensation” principle
  • Sensitivity adjustment from 1 to 150 lux
  • LCD display for status indication, set-up and programming
  • Internal battery for set-up/programming without supply and for time/program back-up in case of power failure (5 years)
  • Low stand-by power consumption
  • SELV separation between contact and supply circuit
  • Double insulation between supply and photosensor
  • 35 mm rail (EN 60715) mount
  • Cadmium-free contact material
  • Cadmium-free photosensor (IC photo diode)


  • Garden and night lighting
  • Shop displays
  • Lighting for parks
  • Streetlights and car park lighting

Technical Data

Contact Specification
Contact Configuration ) 1 CO (SPDT) + 1 aux output*
16/30 (120 A – 5 ms)



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