Capcitance Level Switch For Solid (Model – LMC)

Capacitance type limit switch is a static level sensor,Its sensing parts are: – Earth Extension.


  • Compact size.
  • Universal industrial power supply (15 to 80 VDC & 15 to 260 VAC).
  • Low power consumption.
  • Easy dip switch calibration.
  • Customized process connections like Threaded/Flanged/Hygienic etc.
  • Remote electronics version available on request.
  • Exd version available-suitable for gas group IIC, T6 as per IEC 60079-1-2007 & IEC 600529-2001.


trumenLMC Capacitance type limit switch is a static level sensor, Sensing parts of LMC capacitance level
limit switch are:
1) Earth Extension (metallic process connection may be used as earth in-place of earth extension tubes).
2) Sensing Rod (or Rope as per application).

trumenThe capacitance is formed by the sense rod and earth
When no material is present, the capacitance is analogically a multiple of probe dimension and
dielectric constant of air {ε(air)≈1}.

trumenWhen the material is present, the capacitance gets multiplied by dielectric constant of the
material {ε(material)>2}.
This variation in capacitance, which is due to the dielectric property of material, is then translated into switching output by the LMC Capacitance level limit switch.
With two point independent type switches, two different values are mapped to two different outputs and thus only one level switch can provide two different level outputs.



  • Suitable for non-sticky liquids and solids.
  • Suitable for side as well as top mounting.
  • Single point/multipoint/pump control switching on single probe.
  • Minimum and maximum fail safe field selectable.
  • Process temperature max 600 ºC (ceramic insulation).
  • Process pressure max. 15 bar.
  • PTFE coated for corrosive and conductive liquids.



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