Material Moisture meter – Testo 606-1

Model No: Testo 606-1Part No: 0560 6060

Testo 606-1 Pocket size moisture meter for measures the moisture content in wood, walls and other surfaces and materials.

  1. Precise measurement of wood moisture
  2. Further characteristics curves for locating wet spots in building materials
  3. Hold-function for convenient read-out of measurement values
  4. Display illumination


The testo 606-1 moisture meter packed with a variety of quality features: easy to use; precise and absolutely reliable measurements; suitable for measuring moisture content for a wide range of different types of wood and building materials.

The two sensing electrodes are pushed firmly into the wood or building material where they measure the moisture content as a percentage based on the dry mass (dry weight).

The hold function freezes the last measurement while the backlit display ensures that the meter can be used in all lighting conditions. A slip-on protective cap and belt holder ensures the safe storage of the moisture meter and a hand strap helps prevent the meter from accidentally being dropped.

Practical –the characteristic curves in the testo 606-1 moisture meter

The testo 606-1 comes with a wide range of characteristic curves for wood and building materials. This allows the measured moisture content to be shown directly as a weight percentage.

Characteristic curves for precise wood moisture measurements:

  1. Beech
  2. Spruce
  3. Larch
  4. Oak
  5. Pine
  6. Maple

Characteristic curves for precise building material measurements:

  1. Cement scree
  2. Concrete
  3. Plaster
  4. Anhydrite screed
  5. Cement mortar
  6. Lime mortar
  7. Bricks

Technical Data

Wood / Building material moisture
Measuring range 8.8 to 54.8 % by weight; beech, spruce, larch, birch, cherry, walnut
7.0 to 47.9 % by weight; oak, pine, maple, ash-tree, douglas fir, meranti
0.9 to 22.1 % by weight; cement screed, concrete
0.0 to 11.0 % by weight; anhydrite screed
0.7 to 8.6 % by weight; cement mortar
0.6 to 9.9 % by weight; lime mortar, plaster
0.1 to 16.5 % by weight; bricks
Material ±1 %, 0.1, 1 s
General technical data
Operating temperature -10 to +50 °C
Battery type 2 AAA micro batteries
Storage temperature -40 to +70 °C



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