Radar Level Transmitter (Model : TLR)

Trumen Extremely short microwave pulses with low emitted power are transmitted by the antenna system to the measured product.


  • Min resolution 1mm
  • LCD graphic-capable dot matrix display
  • Intelligent signal processing technology
  • Simple configuration parameters, without waiting for emptying containers
  • Die Cast aluminum enclosure
  • Two wire 4-20mA/HART output
  • Easy configuration


Extremely short microwave pulses with low emitted power are transmitted by the antenna system to the measured product, reflected by the product surface and received back by the antenna system. Radar waves travel at the speed of light. The time from emission to reception of the signals is proportional to the level in the vessel. A special time stretching procedure ensures reliable and precise measurement of the extremely short transmission periods.

Unaffected by temperature and pressure The propagation of microwaves is virtually unaffected by the ambient temperature and pressure. Hence these radar sensors are ideal for use under extremely difficult process conditions. Pressures from vacuum up to 160 bar(2320 psi) and temperatures from – 40 … +400 째C (-40 … +752 째F) are no problem for radar.

Independent of product characteristics Fluctuations in product composition or even complete product changes do not influence the measuring result. A fresh adjustment is not necessary.

Frequency ranges for all applications AMPLETECH radar sensors are available in two different frequency ranges and can thus be implemented in a wide variety of applications. K-band instruments work in a frequency range over 20 GHz. This enables the use of very small antennas and respectively compact process fittings. Due to strong signal focusing, the measuring system achieves high accuracy. C-band instruments are characterized by low frequencies around 6 GHz. Thus, in most cases, buildup and dirt on the antenna system or foam on the product surface do not affect the measurement.


  • Continuous, non-contact level measurement in applicable for liquids and solids in large storage tanks
  • Various antennas MOC as per process requirement Maximum measuring range up to 70M
  • Process Temperature -40 to 2000 °C (Special Temperature Range available on request)
  • Process Pressure max -1 to 16 bar


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