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Vibrating Fork Point Level Switch for Solids - LSV
Model No: LSV Part No: .

Trumen Vibrating fork level switch used as a full, empty and demand alarm in containers, hoppers, silos containing bulks and powders of various types.


  1. Compact size.
  2. Universal industrial power supply. 15 to 80 VDC & 15 to 260 VAC).
  3. Low power consumption.
  4. No calibration required.
  5. Various customized process connections. Starting from 1″ threaded size.
  6. Settable switching delay as a standard feature.
  7. Remote electronics version available on request.
  8. Exd version available-suitable for Gas Group IIC, T6 as per IEC 60079-1-2007 & IEC 600529-2001.

LSV Vibrating Fork Level Switch for Solids & Powders
Hxx - Enclosure: HAN : Aluminum Non-Hazardous IP-66/68, HAX : Aluminum Flameproof IIa, IIb and IIc., HSN : Stainless steel, HPN : Polycarbonate with Acrylic Cover, HES : Specially designed enclosure as per customer requirement
Tx - Temperature T1 : max 80°C, T2 : max 200°C, TS : Customer specified - Special designed
Sx - Sensing Surface Material S6 : SS-316, SL : SS-316L, ST : PTFE coated, SF : PFA coated, SS : Special surface
G6 - Sensor Extension Material G0 : none, G4 : SS-304, G6 : SS-316, GL : SS-316-L, GT : PTFE coated, GF : PFA coated, GS : Special surface
Px - Process Connection Type PFL : Flanged Type – description of flange - FL - at the end of order code, PB1 : BSP 1", PB2 : BSP 1 ½", PB4 : BSP 1 ¼", PB5 : BSP 2", PN1 : NPT 1", PN2 : NPT 1 ½", PN4 : NPT 1 ¼", PN5 : NPT 2", PT1 : Triclover/Triclamp 1½", PT2 : Triclover/Triclamp 2",P
Cx - Process Connection Material C4 : SS-304, C6 : SS-316, CL : SS-316L, CT : PTFE coated, CF : PFA coated, CS : Special material
EIUD Integral Electronics with Universal supply (15-80V DC & 15-260V AC) & 1 DPDT potential-free relay output
EIDP Integral Electronics with DC power supply (12-80V DC ) & one short circuit safe PNP output
EIDL Integral Electronics with Two wire DC supply with 8/16mA current output suitable for 4-20mA analog inputs
EIAR Integral Electronics with Two wire AC supply for external series relay (>5mA holding current)
EIFS Integral Electronics specially designed with special output
ERUD Remote electronics IP 68 wall/pipe mounted with universal power supply (15-80V DC & 15-260V AC) & 1 DPDT potential-free relay output, using 10 meter special interconnection cable for driving sensor
ERFS Specially Designed Remote Electronics
D1 - Fork Length 150mm (low density medium, slower response)
D2 - Fork Length 125mm (higher density medium, faster response)
D3 - Fork Length 100mm (higher density medium, fastest response)
Lxxxx 125 mm to 3000 mm
FLxx Flange type and bore size specified for ASA/ANSI/JIS/DIN/Custom
  1. Free flowing powders and granules (size max. 10mm).
  2. Suitable for side as well as top mounting.
  3. PTFE/PFA/ECTFE coatings for corrosive solids.
  4. Minimum and maximum fail safe field selectable.
  5. Process tem
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